What is Acai Berry?

acai berry

Acai berry is a fruit, which has been known since centuries to carry magical healing powers. Here are an acai berry information and facts;

Scientific Name: Euterpe Oleracea

Appearance: Small, round and looks like dark grapes, due to its color and size. The seed of the fruit is large with very little pulp around it. Acia Berry Fruit is a effective weight loss formula.

Are Acai products pure?

Most of the Acai Products contain the Acai Berry powder as an extract, which is cent percent pure.

How often can one use Acai?

One can benefit from Acai in the form of juice, pulp and various pills and supplements that are available in the market. The effectiveness of these products varies so, it is better to get consultation before their usage.

Is Acai Berry used for other purposes?

Since many years, the Brazilians have been using this berry to add flavor and taste to their drinks and cuisines. From shakes, to bars and breakfast smoothies, to the flavoring of fish and meat, for augmenting the look and taste of the dishes, Acai Berry dips and toppings are made and enjoyed by many.

Can one consume the fresh Acai Berries directly from the trees?

It is not recommended to eat the Acai Berry from the trees. The Acai berries must be picked when fully ripe about twice in a year and must undergo thorough processing. The reason for this processing is because the Acai is a delicate fruit, which does not remain fresh for more than forty-eight hours.

What benefits does the Acai Berry offer?

Including the Acai Berry into ones diet results in a number of benefits. However, one thing to bear in mind is that the results will vary from person to person as our chemical composition of the body differs from each other. Acai Berry has been known to successfully alleviate the conditions pertaining to; Pain, soreness, sleeplessness, yielding high energy from the body, improving the libido, strengthening the immune system, increase mental alertness and vitality, weight loss, improving the digestive system of the body, curbing chances of cancer and much more.

Why is Acai Berry referred to as the ‘super food’?

The benefits of the acai berry are numerous and its importance as a naturally perfect food has been proven through the developments in technology and science. This undoubtedly genuine natural berry, provides all the apt nutrients that the body requires in the right proportion thus, our body does not feel deprived of the fuel, which is required by it, to function at its best.

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