Acai Berry Weight Loss – The Power Of Acai Berry Fruit!

Acia Berry Weight Loss Fruit

If you have not heard about the latest Superfood in the health and diet industry called Acai berry weight loss supplement, probably you aren`t a health freak or maybe you were just not paying that much attention. What is so great about this product? What is Acai berry? Well, it is a cleansing plus naturally healthy fruit that is supposed to help you reduce your toxin load, flush out excess pounds, improve energy, acts as an effective anti-aging agent and fights bloat. Don`t think this is possible? Well, it certainly is and I am a living proof.


I never quite fancied products that promise easy steps in achieving a good and renewed health. At least not until my husband got me Acai berry supplement which I never fail to take every day now as part of my daily diet. It is almost like my multivitamin in just one glass. After I gave birth to a healthy baby girl 8 months ago, my body looked and felt terrible. I was fat, my skin complexion was horrible and my energy level was down to zero by evening.


In the beginning, I was rather reluctant to try out the product as I was totally unaware of what it was. But my husband gave me the assurance that it is safe as his friend tried it and saw some remarkable results. I only started off consuming the product after my favorite woman Oprah Winfrey talks about it. I noticed results within the first few days of cleansing. I was sleeping better, able to wake up on time and feeling rested. I had more energy and was able to spend more time with my baby and husband doing fun things with them. Natural Acai berry supplement has changed my life for the better.

When I did a little bit of research about this product, I begin to understand how Acai was working for me. This natural blend had vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acid, and fiber. The supplement also contains all the disease-fighting antioxidants of the acai berry supplement in addition to colon-cleansing ingredients. As the weeks passed, I saw the changes on my dull complexion becoming much youthful and fresher. I was glowing and was feeling so confident and vibrant again. Acai berry supplement that I was taking was providing me with antioxidants that helped to remove “free radicals” from my body. Thus, giving me a healthier complexion naturally and even helped reduce some of my sun blemishes as well.


I stopped craving on junk food so that was like a major cut on artificial preservative stuffs that is bad for the body. I also saw the improvement in my digestive system through the weeks. I lost almost 15 pounds in a month and was feeling healthier and brighter than ever before. I was able to fit back into my old clothes that were sleeping in the closet for a while. In a nutshell, Acai berry supplement is a miracle superfood that people should try without having to worry if it`s going to affect them in any negative way. I never start my day without taking a glass of this great drink that completes me. I would recommend this product to anyone and confidently say, this is a great and beneficial product that can boost one’s health.


The acai berry is currently being touted as the latest natural superfood to promote weight loss complete with all the celebrity endorsements and viral marketing. While I pride myself as being one of the more skeptical and realistic pessimists of the world, I have also persistently been trying to lose weight. On a whim I tried out Acai products which contains acai berries as a supplement along with some of the freeze-dried variant to perhaps include in my daily diet in the hope that I might achieve some of the acai berry weight loss endorsed by so many other TV personalities.


To tell you the truth, I have heard a lot about the acai berry and its supposed benefits; a bit too much actually. While the more dubious claims of enhanced sexual prowess and improved libido are more than likely untrue (at least I never felt it!) it is still by nature a berry making it rich in antioxidants and anthocyanins. Having tasted the real acai berry in its unadulterated form I have to say that I prefer blueberries or cherries much more, but perhaps this is more because I have a natural sweet tooth. Eating too much of either would more than likely hasten teeth decay. The acai berry is not nearly as sweet, or as sour and has distinctly unique taste, much like a fruity coffee bean but the taste does grow on you after time.


Mixing the berries into my cereal and yoghurt certainly make the actual berry more palatable, however I believe that while the benefit of acai berry weight loss has been a bit more over hyped than its other benefits it is true. I have found that after two to three weeks of intake that the berry does add a little bit more vigour to my step and a lot more vigour in my bowel movements. This I believe is the main reason that acai berry weight loss seems to have been overemphasized, mainly because as a purgative or laxative it is a lot more immediate and evident than its other benefits.


I have tried taking blueberries and cherries in the same way as I currently do for acai berries. As a superfood, blueberries do contain a whole lot more of everything than acai berries do. Unfortunately, this includes sweetness and having too much of something fruity and sweet will eventually give me a rather cloying feeling at the back of my throat. After taking blueberries constantly for about three weeks, I just could not take it anymore because thanks to its strong taste, it overpowers nearly everything you add it to. This threw me off blueberries for at least a couple of months, something almost unbelievable for someone who lists blueberries as one of his favorite things to eat in the world. Thankfully acai berries do not do the same, letting me consume them regularly and without getting too bored of them.


In comparison to a better feeling of well-being I believe the whole acai berry weight loss benefit is more of a side-effect than anything else. As a purgative it is quite effective as taking just a bit more than recommended causes mild diarrhea, at least for me. Acai berry weight loss is thus more of a side effect compared to its total overall benefits. However, making it a part of my daily diet and taking it in moderation does increase my health somewhat, almost like eating vitamin tablets with my salad and tossing multivits into my cereal without the eventually cloying feeling you get after eating too much sweet stuff like blueberries.

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